FLUX Studio 0.8.4


  • Download machine logs
  • Automatically download latest firmware from official website


  • Missing device options
  • Raft option when using slic3r
  • USB cable message dropping


  • Camera center will target selected 3d objects

FLUX Studio 0.8.2

– Fixed when wifi connection not available, FS will use USB connection (if plugged in)
– Fixed initial startup stuck at certain position for laser job
– Fixed change filament not displaying properly
– Fixed pressing delete button will accidently delete selected file when dashboard is not focused

Known Issue:
– Several users reports CRC32 error when printing. This is caused by nwjs and we’re currently investigating and finding solutions. Most of the time, users should be able to resume printing by clicking start again

FLUX Studio 0.7.4

Bug Fixes
– Fixed: Import button malfunctioning in laser interface / draw interface
– Fixed: Message display of “Machine Commands / Run Auto Leveling”
– Fixed: Message display of “Machine Commands / Run Auto Leveling with Clean Data”
– Fixed: Dialog infinity loop when using “Machine Commands / Turn on Scanning Laser”
– Fixed: Not displaying dashboard when establishing first connection to machines without password
– Fixed: Default machine / Tutorial won’t force you to connect with FLUX USB Cable.
– Fixed: Message display of failing to connect specific SSID
– Fixed: Assigning default support pattern / infill pattern when switching slicing engine


– Slic3r / Cura / Cura2 default parameters

FLUX Studio 0.7.0

FLUX Studio 0.7.0 Change log

New Features

– Supports direct USB connection for FLUX Delta+ and Upgrade Kits
– Supports HD camera for FLUX Delta+ and Upgrade Kits
– Supports CuraEngine 2.4 ( You can disable it by setting cura2 = 0 )
– Parameter “xy_size_compensation” now works with CuraEngine 2.4, which might alter the size of your printing results.
– Allows changing filaments in pausing state
– Allows changing toolhead temperature in pausing state
– Device list will now indicate the type of connection
– Supports switching machine profile for Delta+
– Adds scale inputs in object properties dialog
– Adds a snapshot button in camera monitoring interface
– Adds a height offset parameter to engraving interface
– Adds a built-in calibration image in laser advanced-settings
– The new default skirt will circle the work area

Bug Fixes

– Fixed the software being unable to cancel load filament in the tutorial
– Fixed “changing filaments, updating firmware” features for machines in completed / aborted status
– Fixed displaying the button for removing laser background
– Fixed object border not being synced after resize or duplicating in printing interface
– Fixed task thumbnails scaling ratio
– Fixed the masking of out-ranged engraving image
– Fixed raft interface printing temperature is too high
– Fixed the power setting for bitmap engraving, now it’s working


– New default printing parameters
– Rename all “device” and “Delta” into “machine” and “the machine”
– Move configuration reset button into preferences interface
– Display device model name in Machine Info

Other Improvements

– Adds new tutorial guiding images for FLUX Delta+ / Upgrade Kits