FLUX Studio 0.9.9

1. Added layer repeat option for Beambox
2. Text edit feature for Beambox
3. Clear preview mode button for Beambox

1. Logging into FLUX Cloud will improve connection stability now. FLUX Studio automatically syncs the local IP address of FLUX Delta (Firmware 1.6.88+) with cloud.

1. Fixed memory over-allocation on Windows X86.
2. Fixed machine configuration in File > Preferences.
3. Fixed importing GCode to printing interface.
4. Fixed engraving, drawing and cutting feature for Delta series.

FLUX Studio 0.9.7

1. Add options for disabling auto slicing and target locking camera.

1. Slight UI adjustment
2. Add some parameters into Advanced panel for printing.
3. Removed Slic3r / CuraEngine 1

1. Fix wrong SVG position in Beambox interface
2. Fix wrong SVG sizing in Beambox interface

FLUX Store Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

At FLUX, we have high expectations for the possibilities of cryptocurrency.  In the past two years, cryptocurrency has proved its benefit in the market. Though some might disagree, we still believe that there are a number of altcoins that possess unique and outstanding values. We aim to provide safer and user-oriented payment methods, therefore FLUX will become one of the not-so-many companies that take cryptocurrencies and be on the cutting edge of technology.

FLUX Store now accepts 5 cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, BCC, DASH, ETH), you can use them to purchase FLUX products, including the FLUX Delta+,  and all kinds of filament and accessories on our store. With these products, you can make amazing things.

Let us get started!

FLUX Studio 0.9.4

– Add support for Color Seperation Mode
– Add support for SVG Clippath & Symbol
– Add support for laser path optimization
– Improve toolpath calcuation performance
– Reduce and remove unecessary 3rd-party javascripts

– Reverse layer orders in laser mode
– Change default speed in laser mode

– Fix loading large bitmap
– Fix SVG parser dependencies
– Fix support for OS X version below 10.12
– Fix loading flexible filament
– Fix reading Coreldraw SVG size
– Fix other bugs

FLUX Studio 0.9.3


– Beambox SVG parser support  symbol and clipping mask


– “Change Filament” and “Set Toolhead Temperature” doesn’t not work

– Beambox camera calibration return “Cannot read property ‘x’ of undefined”