FLUX Studio 1.2.8

1. Fixed bug that new user can not launch the FLUX Studio
2. Fixed bvg file (Beambox Scene) displaying bug when using dxf
3. Fixed fsc file (3D Printing Scene) importing bug
1. Supported file extension options of Save Scene/Export FLUX task dialog

FLUX Studio 1.2.7

1. Fixed the redundant line on the shading image
2. Fixed start button can’t get machine bug
3. Fixed distributing distance bug
1. Promote success rate of camera calibration

1. Warning shown when speed is too high

FLUX Studio 1.2.5

1. Fixed beambox breakpoint at the end of engraving
2. Fixed error message of camera calibration
1. Support FLUX Delta firmware 1.6.9 scanning

1. Now FLUX Studio will add IP to the IP list in preference automatically after successfully connected to the machine

FLUX Studio 1.2.4

1. Fixed binding Delta series with FLUX Cloud accounts
2. Fixed camera monitoring in FLUX Studio
3. Fixed Delta Engrave import correction picture
4. Fixed Delta Print Parameter for model detail
5. Fixed Delta Print Left Panel preview issue
6. Fixed Beambox Object Panel size data after resizing

1. Set stroke-width to be 1px in Beambox Studio
2. Now switch shading of a bitmap will lead to fixed threshold value in Beambox Studio

FLUX Studio 1.2.3


1. Fix Delta Laser Module speed too slow issue
2. Fix Windows installer error message
3. Fix issue of moving element to another layer

1. Support Adobe Illustrator beambox plugin

1. Now default data-shading of bitmap is false
2. Allow filled color when svg divided by layers
3. Improve usability of partial UI


FLUX Studio 1.2.2

1. Fix Delta+ engraving / cutting / drawing thumbnails and svg parsing
2. Fix Delta+ command options with usb cable
3. Fix FCODE_CRC_ERROR for large files
4. Fix reloading DXF from BVG files
1. Improve usability of partial UI

FLUX Studio 1.1.0


1. Support image tracing feature for Beambox Series
2. Add recommending parameters for Beambox Series

1. Fix dropdown components in Preferences
2. Fix inserting text in Windows 10 for Beambox Series
3. Improve accuracy of camera preview for Beambox Series