FLUX Delta Family Firmware 1.6.70


– Firmware update via USB cable is going to
    display “cannot connect machine”
    even has been success.
– Disable “Filament Detection” now effect
    on load filament.


– Optimize extruding speed when
    loading filament
– Optimize filament position recovering
    from pause stage
– Improved USB cable stability
– Disable movement test at default

FLUX Delta Family Firmware 1.6.40

– Configurable machine radius, for better geometric correction(With FLUX Studio 0.7.5)
– Configurable movement tests, users are now able to disable the feature(With FLUX Studio 0.7.5)

– Upgrade Kit Extrusion Issue
– Partial Binding Issue
– Partial Operation Error Issue

– Retract 40mm when task aborted by user
– Movement tests is disable by default for FLUX Delta original