A Simple Way to Create Object Outline with Beam Studio’s “Offset” Feature

Beam Studio’s new “Offset” feature can help makers quickly add layering effects to their designs.

To create customized handcrafts in any shape is now as easy as ever. I’ll demonstrate this in a few steps below. 

First, make sure you have the latest v1.1.8 version of Beam Studio. If not, Download Here

Then, prepare your image file. The image format needs to be turned into SVG or DXF files. You may choose a free SVG file from this site https://www.flaticon.com/ or draw your own object with Adobe Illustrator. 

Now you’re all set for the step-by-step tutorial! 


Step 1: Open Beam Studio and click the image icon to import the image. 


You may rename Layer 1 as “Engraving” for easy editing.

Once the image is imported, you’ll be asked to select a layering style. Here I will select “Layer/Color,” to give my object a more 3D look.

After selecting the layering style, you’d see the object in black. 

Please note that if you choose “Layer/Color” as I do, your object will be in black like mine, but if you choose “Single Layer,” your object will be in white as its shown below on the right.


Step 2: Drag to select the image on the engraving layer and click “Ungroup”


Step 3: Create another layer, rename it as “Cutting” and move the layer down. 


Step 4: On the cutting layer, drag your mouse to select the whole object (do no just click on the image).


Step 5: Now activate the “Offset” function by clicking “Edit” > “Path” > “Offset.” 


Step 6: Adjust the desirable “Offset Direction”, “Corner”, and “Offset Distance”, then click “Confirm” to create the object outline. 


Step 7: The “Offset” function now forms the outline that you can set for cutting.


Step 8: Make sure the image is on the correct layer.

You may click the eye off to make sure the image is on the correct layer. 

When clicking the eye off in the engraving layer, the image remains onscreen is in the cutting layer. 

When clicking the eye off on the cutting layer, the image remains onscreen is in the engraving layer. 


Step 9: Select the optimal parameters for each layer 

Engraving layer: Wood – Monochromic Engraving (Power 30%, Speed 180mm/s). 

Cutting layer: Wood – 3mm Cutting (Power 55%, Speed 5mm/s) 


Step 10: Put your selected wood board in the machine and click “Export” at the upper right corner to start cutting & engraving. Your work should be ready in 3 minutes!


Now we are ready for the finished product! 

When activating the “Offset” feature, if you choose “Layer/Color” as I do, your result should have the same effect as my airplane on the right below. But, if you choose “Single Layer” instead, your result will look like the airplane on the left.


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Add Authenticity to your works with Beam Studio’s Built-In “Image Trace” Function

FLUX’s built-in software Beam Studio comes with a brilliant “Image Trace” function that can keep your original pen strokes and add a more personal touch to your artworks. For a quick demonstration, I’ll show you how I make a personalized keychain by using the “Image Trace” function.

Things you’d need to DIY a signature keychain:
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 marker
  • Desired material for your keychain charm
  • 1 keyring 
  • beamo
Step 1: Sign your signature on a clean and unpatterned paper with a black marker

Step 2: Scan the paper with beamo
  1. Place the paper in beamo and click the camera icon for the “Camera Preview”


      2. Click the “Image Trace” button in the upper left corner


      3. Select a starting preset to trace the image


      4. Adjust the optimal parameter for engraving

Step 3: Put the selected material in beamo and set up a suitable parameter for engraving, in my case, a 3mm wood board

One of the optimal parameters for engraving wood boards is power 30% and speed 100mm/s.

Step 4: Design the keychain outline

Create another layer and use the preset parameter in Beam Studio “wood- 3mm cutting”, which is power 60% and speed 6 mm/s.

Step 5: Assemble the engraved signature charm with a keyring and your special signature keychain is ready to go.


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Happy Lunar New Year | DIY Paper Cutting of Window Decoration

Have you ever thought that New Year’s elements can be combined with laser engraving?

2020 is coming. Are you ready to get rid of the old stuff?

To celebrate 2020 Lunar New Year, FLUX has created four exquisite, high-quality window paper cuttings for FLUXers to refresh the house decoration.

This year, let’s make it happen!


Material: Red Linen Paper

Thickness: 0.15mm

There are four types of paper cutting decorations, each of which has its unique meaning for Lunar New Year.
1. spring

Celebrate the spring is coming!

Laser-cutting time: 10~15 minute

2. happiness

Best wishes for 2020!

Laser-cutting time: 20~25 minute

3. blessing

A good blessing for the family in 2020!

Laser-cutting time: 10~15 minute

4. fortune

Look forward to a big fortune in 2020!

Laser-cutting time: 10~15 minute

Useful Tips For “Vectorize” Laser Carving

You can select the “Vectorize” function in Beam Studio to modify the carving paths, and it will greatly reduce the engraving time.

Follow these three simple tips and start carving:
  1. Place the file to the working area and click the image
  2. Click “Edit”-> “Image”-> “Vectorize” in the upper left corner of the software
  3. Turn off the button of “Infill” 


It is easy to make a paper cutting of window decoration with FLUX laser cutter and Beam Studio. 

Take advantage of the New Year holidays to refresh your house!


For more details about Beambox, please click the link.

For more details about beamo, please click the link.

How To Make Your Own Gift Box In 5 Simple Steps

It’s time to customize a gift box using your FLUX laser cutter. Don’t know how to design a 3D box?

Don’t worry – with Beam Studio and free online resources, you can make your own gift box in 5 easy steps.

The idea is simple: you’ll design the box by selecting preset options, import the file to Beam Studio, and your FLUX laser cutter will help you create a box that’s uniquely yours.

STEP 1:Go to Makercase.


You can use the “select language” list to set your language preferences.

STEP 2:Select the design you like. 

In this tutorial, we picked the basic box option.

  1.   Units setting:Choose inch or millimeter (mm)
  2. Set the length, width, and height.
  3.   Measure the thickness of the material you will be using and fill in the value.
  4.   Select with or without the lid.
  5.   Select the type of edge joints.
  6.   Set the finger size.

STEP 3:Download and import the file.

  1.   Click “Download Box Plans”, adjust the settings and download the file. (Both SVG and DXF file works in Beam Studio)
  2. Open Beam studio and import the file.

STEP 4:Start printing!

  1.   Place the material in your FLUX laser cutter (beamoBeambox or Beambox Pro)
  2.   Use the focus bar to set the focus. If you’re not sure how, please visit our Support Center 
  3.   Use Camera Preview to make sure the design is aligned. 
  4. Set the parameters and click “GO”, your personalized box is just minutes away!

STEP 5: Put it together

Turn the collection of box pieces into an actual gift box by putting the pieces together.


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Craft your Christmas Gift with beamo, DIY Christmas gifts in simple Steps

Jingle bells ring!

This holiday season, why not make your own gifts! With beamo, you can make unique Christmas gifts in a few simple steps for your family and friends.

Ingredient You Need:

Following Steps:

Step one: select the image you want to engrave on the gift

Step two: make sure beamo and Beam Studio are connected

While using Beam Studio, push the camera icon to connect to beamo’s WiFi.

Make sure beamo and Beam Studio using the same WiFi network.

Step three: place the image at the right position by using built-in camera in beamo

Once the beamo and Beam Studio connected, you can use the camera to view your working area.

By adjusting the image on Beam Studio, you can easily place the image at the right position of the item.

Step four: select the speed and power to craft your gift

There is a panel that you can choose a suitable speed and power based on different materials.

Step five: push START and your gift will be done