Maker Stories | Incredible Miniature Architectural Model Creation

Do you know laser engraving machines are excellent tools for architecture and interior design studios in terms of producing miniature models? 


Design models are crucial in the creative and business pitching process, especially when the design is structural. However, the making of models often requires designers a lot of effort and time to just manually cut and assemble materials. If there’s any subtle error in the design file or an error occurs during the manual process, it could mean a complete start over, wasting away precious time.


By using a laser engraving machine to cut the model materials, not only is it faster, it reduces potential human errors and increases overall accuracy. The laser cutter makes modelmaking more efficient for designers, so there’s more time for new ideas.




Our FLUXers are across many industries, including architecture and interior design studios. One of our loyal users, Eagle Model Studio, dedicates to producing high-quality miniature architectural models, incorporates the use of FLUX Bemabox (40W) into the model-making process of all their delicate designs. 


Back in their schoolyears as design students, the founders of Eagle Model Studio used to struggle with manually making their architectural models. This experience inspired them to create a company that helps designers to produce architectural models with high aesthetic standards and premium quality. 




With years of experience, Eagle Model Studio is excellent at what they do. They provide various modeling services, including the production of complex architectural models, interior design models, environmental models, large-scale models, instrument models, and equipment models of all kinds. Acrylic, cardboard, and plywood are some typical materials in which they use FLUX Beambox (40W) to cut and engrave for the models’ delicate details.



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Maker Stories | 3 Designer Stories on Leather Crafting

Give your accessories a touch of individuality by creating personalized leather bags, coin purses, or other lifestyle accessories on your own. Now with FLUX’s laser cutter, you can easily create DIY projects on a wide range of materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, glass, slate, and stainless steel. Here we’d like to introduce to you three designer stories that use FLUX laser cutters to create stunning leather accessories.

TaiYangLeather Studio 

Customized Handmade Leather Accessories that Last

Taiyangleather Studio is a small creative shop located in Taichung, Taiwan. Tired of wallets that do not last, Taiyangleather Studio’s founder was inspired to create handmade leather wallets that are durable and practical. 


Its logo is a deer, symbolizing happiness and longevity, which expresses the maker’s wish to provide customers with durable leather goods that bring them joy. The emphasized antlers on the deer further express the maker’s desire for the brand to be inspiring and intelligent. 

Well tested for practicality and durability, Taiyangleather Studio offers a wide range of leather products, such as coin purses, small wallets, long wallets, and business card clips. They also accept personalized product customizations on request.


FLUX’s 50W Beambox Pro plays a big part in the cutting and engraving process of Taiyangleather Studio’s handmade products. Beambox Pro was able to assist them in speeding up the production process with more versatile designs. 


Award-Winning Lifestyle Boutique 

Mr. sheep offers a variety of lifestyle products and accessories that are cut and sculpted by FLUX’s 50W Beambox Pro. Recently they introduced leather products, such as the luggage tags in the picture below.


Apart from these unique accessories, Mr. sheep is also a professional design house that offers consulting services in both interior and product design. Its founder, Yi-De Yang, received various awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, Silver A’ Design Award, and the Interior lifestyle Tokyo Award. 


Spreading the Joy Creation with Leather Crafting Class 

LEPAU is another small handmade leather product boutique in Taiwan. Virna, the founder, was a 9-to-5 office worker. She discovered her true passion after recovering from a medical condition. During her recovery, she read a book called “Starting A Business with Love,” which talks about the founder of Motherhouse fights against all hardships to create a social enterprise that gives back to the unprivileged. Inspired by the story, Virna resigned from her previous occupation and threw herself into the world of creation.


She named the studio “LEPAU,” which represents the founder’s passion for leather creation. 

To spread the joy of leather creation, she also held leather crafting classes to inspire others and encourage them to discover their true passion. 


The above picture is a leather-bound notebook made in one of LEPAU’s classes. FLUX’s laser cutter beamo helps to cut the paper with the designed totem, thus simplified the handmaking process. FLUX’s laser cutter gives makers the advantage to produce prototypes easily, saving more time for more creative ideas. 

I hope these three stories would provide some good inspirations for your creative leather making! If you have some thoughts which would like to share with us, please let us know. We’d love to hear about your creating stores!


We invite FLUXers to join our Facebook community and share your works with us! You will also find inspiration from other members.

Learn more about Beambox, the most intuitive professional laser cutter/ engraver. 

Learn more about beamo, the world’s smallest CO2 laser cutter/engraver.


Craftsmanship Diary | Sustainable Fashion Creation

Craftsmanship Diary invites Majyo Majyo to join us today.

Majyo Majyo, a fashion accessory store, specializes in using digital wastes into their creations and making their designs one of a kind.

Amelie Teoh, the founder of Majyo Majyo, is a Malaysian designer based in Taipei. The idea of Majyo Majyo started when she was suffering from depression. She shut the world out and had conversations with her inner self about the future and the environment. 


The TIKTOK earring collection is one of the most popular creations of Majyo Majyo. Electronic scrap components were turned into fashionable accessories by adding laser cutting techniques into the creation process.

Combining these interesting reflections, she launched a new accessory line using discarded electronic parts and environmentally-friendly UV glue. The latest collection, Sweet Version, wrapped electronic parts in a lollipop-shaped pin. The collection calls for awareness of the growing amount of waste. 

To raise environmental awareness, Majyo Majyo’s creations are made of materials that are not normally seen in accessories. The designs are made possible after numerous tests and experiments. 

In addition to the collection that combines electronic scrap components with laser cutting techniques, Majyo Majyo also offers a collection of accessories made with Lotos, a Taiwanese-developed environmentally-friendly cement made from reservoir silt.

The display stands Majyo Majyo use to exhibit the accessories are made with FLUX Beambox.

Amelie believes that environmental protection can be fashionable. By using waste materials to create stylish accessories, Majyo Majyo hopes to bring people’s attention to the environment and sustainable fashion.


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Craftsmanship Diary | DIY personalized loft-style light stand

Craftsmanship Diary invites Mr. Wong, the owner of MK Design, to join us today.

MK Design, located in a nearby alley next to Taipei, is a design studio specializing in loft-style works. In addition to their handmade product collection, MK Design also holds workshops on handmade lamps, which are very popular among consumers and corporate team buildings. To promote the spirit of craftsmanship, the owner, Mr. Wong, and his father designed and decorated the studio all by themselves, including the furniture, lighting, and even the signboard. For them, the studio itself is the best introduction of what MK Design stands for. 

The interior design is full of loft-style decorations.

It all began when Mr. Wong was a graphic designer and the loft-style trend was beginning to gain popularity internationally. He decided to start a business related to loft-style designs with his father and brothers due to a deep passion for handmade crafts. In the beginning, Mr. Wong only sold materials online. Later on, he opened a physical store to accommodate customer needs. The “MK” stands for makers, during the interview, it is not hard to tell Mr. Wong’s passion and enthusiasm for craftsmanship.

The lamp resembles Mr.Wong’s idea of sharing the warmth of handmade works.

To satisfy the growing demand for personalized products, Mr. Wong added laser engraving to their workshops. He decided to use Beambox, a desktop laser engraver and cutter, because “its intuitive software allows users to easily access all features of Beambox, the multi-computer control and high compatibility of file formats enable our customers to make personalized items in a fast and simple way.” 

Customers can make personalized lamps with customized parts and letters.

Mr. Wong believes that craftsmanship stands for the pursuit of perfect craftworks and unwavering handmade quality. With Beambox added to their production process, Mr. Wong and MK Design can create artworks in a faster and simpler way without compromising the idea of true craftsmanship.

Products of MK Design showcase many laser engraving ideas. 

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