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The FLUX team was founded in Taipei in March 2014. In the beginning, the team had gathered people talented in different fields, including hardware, software, and design. In the same year, the team went to Silicon Valley, and successfully raised 1.6 million dollars from Kickstarter backers from all over the world.

In 2015, the team moved back to Taiwan and 100% focused on the product developemnt. By April 2016, the team has shipped their products to 64 different countries in the world. The FLUX team will keep their passion for digital creation and bring more values to the world.

2014 Mar. Founding of the FLUX team

Raising $1.6 million campaign
TOP 100 Most Funded
TOP 3 in 3D Printing

Covered By
2016 Jan. Shipping FLUX Delta to 64 different countries
Mar. Honored with

2017 Jan. New product launch - FLUX Delta+