FLUX Studio 0.9.1


– Cannot into Print page and display “WebGL is not supported” that happened on some computers.
– Firmware of FLUX has been updated but still pop up new firmware notice.
– Remove duplicate “cut_bottom” at Expert Settings.
– Remove duplicate “z_offset” at Expert Settings.
– “support_type = touching_build_plate” not work at Expert Settings.
– Delete button cannot remove object. (Windows)
– “Clear Scene” in Menu -> Edit cannot use.
– Support -> Spacing not work in Cura2 of Slicing Engine.


– Default Expert Setting change.
— retraction_amount = 8
— retraction_count_max = 15
— retraction_extrusion_window = 8
— retraction_prime_speed = 80
— retraction_retract_speed = 80
— z_offset = 0.1
— support_line_distance = 2.0

FLUX Studio 0.9.0

Critical Update! the settings which is under 0.9.0 version will not be inherited.


– Now can delete file via a button in Dashboard
– Now can delete custom material preset via a button in Load Config
– Auto install USB driver when FLUX Studio installation. (windows version)
– Now can uninstall FLUX Studio in Apps & features at Apps. (windows version)


– Sometimes will not extruding properly filament after using autoload filament.
– That is going to popup Toolhead not detected when using autoload filament without
   connect properly.
– FLUX Studio is going to crash if long pushed button on the FLUX when autoloading
– FLUX Studio is going to freeze if using “View Frame” function with float number at
   object height in engrave.
– FLUX Studio is going to freeze if cannot found any machine when printing tutorial.
– Sometimes Slicing Engine will auto set to Slic3r cause advanced parameters error occurred
   after changing language.
– That is going to popup notification if VC++ 2015 is not installed. (windows version)
– Sometimes camera will not properly following the object in PRINT page.
– Calibration function of ENGRAVE doesn’t work properly.
– That still display success connected if is actually WIFI setting fail.
– Cannot bind/unbind machine via USB cable.
– Sometimes cannot reconnect machine when has been disconnected.
– Sometimes is going to freezing at 5% when slicing engine is CURA. (windows verison)
– Sometimes FLUX Studio will freeze when into SCAN page.


– Change default slicer engine to CURA2.
– Remove movement testing in printing tutorial.
– Change calibration image of ENGRAVE which is added use instruction.
– Change description, from “New machine” to “Machine setup”.
– Improve USB stability.

FLUX Delta Family Firmware 1.6.70


– Firmware update via USB cable is going to
    display “cannot connect machine”
    even has been success.
– Disable “Filament Detection” now effect
    on load filament.


– Optimize extruding speed when
    loading filament
– Optimize filament position recovering
    from pause stage
– Improved USB cable stability
– Disable movement test at default

FLUX Studio 0.8.4


  • Download machine logs
  • Automatically download latest firmware from official website


  • Missing device options
  • Raft option when using slic3r
  • USB cable message dropping


  • Camera center will target selected 3d objects

FLUX Studio 0.8.2

– Fixed when wifi connection not available, FS will use USB connection (if plugged in)
– Fixed initial startup stuck at certain position for laser job
– Fixed change filament not displaying properly
– Fixed pressing delete button will accidently delete selected file when dashboard is not focused

Known Issue:
– Several users reports CRC32 error when printing. This is caused by nwjs and we’re currently investigating and finding solutions. Most of the time, users should be able to resume printing by clicking start again

FLUX Delta Family Warranty Policy Announcement

[ FLUX Delta Family Warranty Policy ]

Hello FLUX Delta and FLUX Delta+ users!

After busy months of production and shipping of our new product, FLUX Delta+, our community is growing stronger and more people are enjoying the fun of digital creation.
To provide better customer support, we will update the FLUX Delta warranty policy, the new policy will be effective in one week (2017/5/5).


[ FLUX Delta warranty policy revision]

The road for FLUX Delta was quite bumpy at first, thanks to the continued support from all the FLUX Delta users, we found solutions to the issues together. Though the process wasn’t easy, the team managed to provide RMA service without any charge and the free upgrade kit campaign, which will end on May 5th as well.
To strive for better quality of our customer service, the team will start to enforce the warranty policy. We will charge repair costs and shipping fees for RMA service if the warranty of the product has expired.
The warraty starts from the date of delivery to the end-user purchaser.

For warranty periods of FLUX Delta products and modules, please see the chart below:


Product Warranty Period
FLUX Delta 9 months
FLUX Delta Printing Toolhead 3 months
FLUX Delta Laser Module 9 months
FLUX Delta Holder Module 9 months


[ FLUX Delta+ Warranty Policy ]

Howdy newcomers! We’ve been shipping out FLUX Delta+ orders and receiving some great feedbacks from users. Although some users are still waiting for a second shipment for the modules, don’t worry, the warranty starts from the date of delivery. Within a month after delivery, FLUX Inc. will pay the shipping cost for RMA service. Subsequently, during the warranty period, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.

For warranty periods of FLUX Delta+ products and modules, please see the chart below:

Product Warranty Period
FLUX Delta+ 1 year
FLUX Delta+ Printing Toolhead 6 months
FLUX Delta+ Laser Module 1 year
FLUX Delta+ Holder Module 1 year
FLUX Delta+ Blade Module 1 year


Feel free to submit a request to our support staff if you have any questions regarding the warranty policy. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Happy creating!