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FLUX Laser Cutting Curriculum

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FLUX Inc. X Flux Space

FLUX teams up with Flux Space to revolutionize STEAM education through CO2 laser cutters. Together, we've developed a curriculum for K-12, merging hands-on projects with foundational STEAM concepts. Our CO2 lasers transform classrooms, bridging theory and tangible learning, and preparing students for a future filled with innovation.

Curriculum for Every Educational Phase

Step by step paths for lecturers to follow

10 courses

Kindergarten to Grade 3
Students will explore diverse projects, blending hands-on design, team collaboration, and laser cutting from crafting habitats to inventing prototypes.

10 courses

Grade 4 to Grade 7
Students will engage in diverse design tasks, from creatively modifying furniture and emulating Pop Art, to enhancing engineering prototypes and crafting laser-etched memorabilia.

10 courses

Grade 8 to Grade 12
Students will use laser cutting for diverse projects, from tessellated puzzles and packaging designs to structural prototypes and real-worldproblem-solving.