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Laser Cutter 101

About Laser Cutter 101

The comprehensive introduction for beginners and enthusiasts looking to delve into the world of laser cutting. This guide covers the fundamental concepts, practical applications, and safety protocols necessary to navigate the laser cutting process effectively.

FLUX Inc. x Flux Space

FLUX teams up with Flux Space to revolutionize STEAM education through CO2 laser cutters. Together, we've developed a curriculum for K-12, merging hands-on projects with foundational STEAM concepts. Our CO2 lasers transform classrooms, bridging theory and tangible learning, and preparing students for a future filled with innovation.
Chapter 1
Introduction of FLUX Laser
This chapter focuses on the introduction of FLUX Laser, along with its Safety Considerations and Materials & Compatibility. This serves as the initial step in engaging with laser-cutting technology.
Chapter 2
Preparation Steps
This chapter is dedicated to the preparatory steps required before commencing a laser-cutting project. It covers crucial aspects such as focusing the laser, calibrating the camera, and utilizing the camera preview.
Chapter 3
Beginning the Cutting Proccess
This chapter offers an in-depth guide on beginning the cutting process, highlighting essential aspects like tracing techniques, as well as the procedures for both rotary cutting and engraving.
Chapter 4
Beam Studio Tutorial
This chapter is centered on a Beam Studio software tutorial, covering aspects like boolean operations, the concept of layers, and how to configure cutting settings.
Chapter 5
Parameter Setting
This chapter is dedicated to parameter settings and troubleshooting, offering guidance to ensure a smoother execution of your laser cutting projects.


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