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FLUX Delta+
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FLUX Delta+
The Opening of a New Era of Digital Creation
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FLUX Delta+
Craft Your Imagination
FLUX Delta+ offers a more precise and stable performance than its predecessor while perfecting the integration of its multi-features. FLUX Delta+ is the ideal companion for digital crafting in education, design, engineering, and daily life.

FLUX Delta+’s 3D printing enables users to create freely and efficiently with a simple additive process.
Wouldn’t it be fun to engrave cute texts or pictures on your leather or wooden goods? Unleash your wild imagination with FLUX Delta+’s laser engraving feature. With the laser engraving feature and your wild imagination, you can add a personalized touch to your accessories.
Who doesn’t love stickers? With the brand-new vinyl cutting function, you can use FLUX Delta+ to create your own stickers without any hassle.
Turn your FLUX Delta+ into a personal painter. Reproduce any digital design with the tip of your favorite writing instrument.
3D SCANNING (Experimental)
Document the 3D world by digitizing objects into 3D files. Share the digital files with your friends or further edit them with modeling software.
Think of FLUX Delta+ as a desktop robot with no boundaries. The FLUX Delta family provides open SDK resources, enabling developers to explore the full potential of digital crafting.

FLUX Delta User Story
  • The best thing about FLUX is our user community. FLUX Delta users have organically built close relationships, discussing their user experience and sharing cool projects. We proudly present some their stories about the awesome projects they have created with their FLUX Delta. We hope to someday see your own work among them!
World Map
In late 2015, we started to ship our first product, FLUX Delta, to users from 64 countries around the world. The FLUX team is devoted to building a truly consumer multi-functional 3D printer and to providing complete customer support worldwide.