Beambox Firmware 1.9.13

1. Support changing ventilator rotation speed
2. Support recording laser tube usage
3. Support changing direction of motor
4. Support connecting no-password wifi
1. Fix unexpected error message of panel

1. New Machine Info Page
2. Version number will not shown on the top of the panel, please check machine info page
3. We provide better Simplified Chinese / Japanese description

FLUX Studio 1.3.0

1. Added units configuration for Beambox (inches)
2. Added zooming shortcuts (Windows: Ctrl+0, Ctrl+”+”, Ctrl+”-“, Mac: Cmd+0, Cmd+”+”, Cmd+”-“)
3. Added polygon support
4. Added path editing support
5. Added loop compensation configuration

1. Fixed hidden object panel due to screen scrolling
2. Fixed CorelDraw SVG importing bugs
3. Fixed Illustrator SVG importing bugs

1. Automatically apply sharpenss to shading photos

FLUX Studio 1.2.8

1. Fixed bug that new user can not launch the FLUX Studio
2. Fixed bvg file (Beambox Scene) displaying bug when using dxf
3. Fixed fsc file (3D Printing Scene) importing bug
1. Supported file extension options of Save Scene/Export FLUX task dialog