FLUX Studio 0.9.17

– Fix filling in non-filled paths in SVG file format
– Fix selecting scanning printer
– Fix Windows x86 3d slicing
– Fix Gcode importing
– Fix slicing error in a small part of Windows X64

– Display only available machine model in different features ( Beambox / Delta )
– Support left-aligning for DXF importation
– Support autofilling proper DPI for DXF importation
– Support SVG embedded bitmap with divide by color mode in Beambox Engraving

– Support relative bitmap path in SVG file format
– Support dash line in SVG file format
– Support Beambox’s new camera
– Support scene saving in Beambox Engraving
– Support object alignment in Beambox Engraving

FLUX Studio 0.9.14

Add dpi parameter to improve engraving resolution and speed

Stop Beambox regional preview when error happens
Improve Beambox preview mode stability

Fix version compare problem
Fix Beambox left panel state problem

FLUX Studio 0.9.12


Support Beambox regional preview
Support Guides
Connect-machine and Wifi-select pages
Beambox Pro wrong dimension
Unit input
Printing feature’s preview bar
Beambox fail to parse svg which have comments
Beambox preview background selectable
Windows certificate sign