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[FLUX] OMGbyWendy​ personalized gift box with beamo
Oostkamp, Belgium
Model: beamo
[FLUX] OMGbyWendy​ personalized gift box with beamo
With the I'm exploring the whole new world of engraving and cutting, and I enjoy every step of the experience so far!
I have a fulltime dayjob, and next to that I started a shop in personalized gifts and items nearly 2y ago. At first there was only me, and my silhouette cameo. Then came the sawgrass sublimation printer and by the end of 2020 my workspace was ready to welcome the beamo. Plotting machines became quite mainstream by now, so I had to try and re-invent myself.

I'm still fairly new at this, but I was thrilled when I created a gift box, entirely made out of wood. It's wowing to see how solid wood becomes flexible, just by cutting it in a special way. Though the box was rather small (approx. 10 by 10 cm), it was completely customized with an engraved lid. With the ingenious little pieces that created the lock, the mere 'wrapping' became a gift on itself.