Beam Go

Draw. Snap. Create.

Turn photos and hand drawn artwork into display pieces
straight from your mobile device.

Simple. Fast. Mobile.

You don’t need to be a digital graphics expert to turn your children's artwork, custom drawing or signature into a digital engravable design. Beam Go combines the flexibility of mobile with a unique image rendering algorithm to give you the ability to turn artwork into timeless display pieces and gifts.
Draw your idea
Take a Photo and Upload
Print with FLUX Laser
Let the fun begin

Turn Your Favorite Memories into Something The Family Can Share

Whether it was your most cherished vacation day, a graduation or simply a time of joy together, Beam Go gives you the ability to choose your favorite images from your camera roll to convert to an engravable file, without any expensive tools or 3rd party software. Simply click the image, choose any edits and start engraving.

Live Preview with Intuitive Controls, so There Are No Surprises

Need to finish a project quickly? Access the built in camera on your laser printer right from your mobile phone or tablet. Preview your design as it will print on your working object, and make adjustments using your touch screen, then start cutting or engraving with one click.

Free Hand Your Next Engraving Using Digital Canvas

Whether you’re designing with a stylus or drawing with your finger, Beam Go gives you the flexibility to turn hand drawn art and your children’s masterpieces into your next engraving.