Clay Workshop – Create aesthetic, functional and environmental concept products

Clay Workshop

Clay Workshop is located in Fenglin Township in Hualien County, which is known as Taiwan’s first Cittaslow city. They are committed to create products that are aesthetic, functional and environmentally friendly, whether it’s paper-weights, clocks, ornaments etc., you can see the geometric aesthetics in the products. 

Cement clock made with FLUX Beambox Laser engraver by Clay Workshop

At the beginning of founding the workshop, they experimented on cement for their products. After noticing the harm that was caused to their hometown, including Taroko mountain in Hualien is no longer green due to the development of the cement industry, the caves exposed due to fish farming they decided to use another material which they call “Paradise Soil”. Paradise Soil is extracted from the silt from cleaning the reservoirs. They believe this can help in two ways, one is to help extend the life of the reservoir, and the other is to reduce the mining of the cement industry and reserve natural resources for the next generation.

After starting to use FLUX Beambox laser engraver, Clay Workshop is committed to developing projects that combine wood and Paradise Soil. Beambox allows them not only to engrave on wood pieces, but also engrave directly onto the Paradise Soil, giving Clay Workshop endless possibilities for creation.