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Creating Marketable Laser Products with the FLUX Ador 2W Infrared Laser

In the laser engraving community, metal engraving is always a hot topic for people to discuss, unlike woods, acrylic or fabric, these materials can be simply engraved by several kinds of lasers, people who require metal engraving often have to spend more money and time finding specialized laser engraving machines for metal. Creators who need to engrave both metal and other materials typically have to buy two separate machines: one dedicated to metal and another for various materials.

However, the advent of Ador has elegantly solved this problem for creators. Ador features a three-in-one modular design, including a diode laser, a red light laser, and a printing module. This design allows creators to switch modules according to the material and creative requirements, significantly broadening their creative possibilities.

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2W Infrared Laser Add-on

Insight to Ador's 2W Infrared Laser Add-on

Ador 2W infrared laser operates at a 1064 nanometer wavelength, making it ideal for engraving on metal surfaces. The beam’s remarkably small diameter enables intricate designs and sophisticated engravings on various metals, revolutionizing the way you approach metalworking projects.

Metal Engraving

To illustrate the functioning of the infrared laser add-on, we’ll take stainless steel as a practical example. This will guide you through the process and help you understand how the infrared laser add-on operates. Follow these steps to gain a clearer insight into its workings.

Step 1 : Infrared Module Calibration

Whenever you’re using an Ador module for the first time, or if the machine has been moved, or you notice a mismatch between the camera’s preview and the actual position of the engraving, it’s essential to perform Camera Calibration. For detailed instructions on how to carry out the Camera Calibration, please refer to the step-by-step guide available in the Help Center.

Step 2 : Place Material & Auto Focus

Ador features an expansive workspace measuring 430mm x 300mm, with a depth of 30mm, providing ample room to broaden your creative scope. Ensure that your materials do not exceed these dimensions. Additionally, for lighter materials, it’s advisable to use paper tape for stabilization to prevent them from being displaced by the airflow from the air assist during the operation of the infrared module. Afterward, long click the AF button to focus the material.

Step 3 - Camera Preview

Ador comes with an 8MP high-resolution camera, enabling you to quickly preview your materials with just one click. Once you’ve previewed your materials, position your image on them. The infrared module will then precisely print on the area where you’ve placed your image.

Step 4 : Parameter Setting & Start Engraving

After previewing the material, position your design file on the preferred area of the material. Beam Studio’s sidebar allows you to adjust gradients and curves to your liking. Once you’ve made these modifications, just hit ‘Start’ to send the file to the machine. The camera preview of metallic materials might cause reflections, making it difficult to align the material properly. In this case, select the layer where your image file is located in the right-hand workspace’s ‘layer’ section, and choose a brighter color. This will help in achieving more precise and efficient alignment of your image file.

4 Steps Simple Creation

Finish your artwork effortlessly in just four easy steps to bring your personalized project to life with vibrancy.

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