Endless Possibilities

Diode Laser Module Add-on
The diode add-on designed exclusively for beamo allows you to unleash a wide range of effects to achieve unimaginable creative possibilities. From now on, you can use the diode module to engrave stainless steel directly without spray and easily switch to the most suitable laser source for a wider range of material applications.

A new path to engraving stainless steel!

The diode laser module utilizes shorter wavelengths of visible light, upgrading the FLUX Laser directly to a wider range of material applications and eliminating the need for other materials and applying directly to any of your favorite stainless steel objects.

Fingertip switching for multiple effects.

Complete any of your creations with a variety of light source characteristics, without the hassle. FLUX CO2 lasers provide high efficiency and intensity cutting to assist you engrave most of materials. The diode laser kit demonstrates the fine engraving effect of stainless steel, making your creation dynamic and vivid.

CO2 Laser

An absolute powerhouse in a wide range of applications, offering time-saving and powerful laser effects for engraving and cutting wood, acrylic, leather, and various common materials with ease.

Diode Laser

Featuring the FLUX diode laser module, you can save the need for a stainless steel spray and engrave directly on most of stainless steel objects with excellent results.

CO2 Laser

Assist you in a wide range of applications, easily engraving and cutting dynamic range of materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, etc., and bring time-saving and powerful laser effects.

Diode Laser

Equipped with FLUX diode laser module add-on, you can easily engrave stainless steel without stainless spray; moreover, the results are amazing.

Imagine what you can achieve!

Turn your personalised imagination into reality. Switch to the most suitable light source for the material you want to engrave. Whatever you want, you can have it all.

Uncover, a higher standard of refinement.

FLUX Diode Laser features a high-specification diode module that allows you to reveal all your masterpiece sculptures.

One tap, POWERFUL!

Click, then boom! Right now, you can easily adjust all the performances with Beam studio's seamless features.

Add-on Compatibility

Lightweight, Powerful! FLUX Professional kits offer a wide range of product creation needs to suit any size, style, and material performance, and are designed especially for your area of expertise.

Tech Specs


42.8 x 53.45 x 80mm





Working Area

After installation, the working area of diode laser module is 230mm x 200mm. The working area of CO2 laser will be reduced to 250mm x 200mm.


Diode Laser Module*1、Focusing block*1、Orange acrylic door cover*1、Black Door cover sticker*1、Positioning plate (for manual focusing)



42.8 x 53.45 x 80mm

安裝後二極體雕刻範圍為 230mm x 200mm, 且 CO2 雕刻範圍將縮小至 250mm x 200mm





1. Will Diode laser module add-on be difficult to install?

There are only 7 installation steps to set up your diode laser add-on, and every detail is in the user manual and online help center, you can check for it via this link.


2. What is the warranty?

We provide a 12-month warranty for FLUX diode laser add-on. If you’ve encountered an issue, please contact our technical staff, so we can determine a suitable fix. 

About Laser
1. What's the wattage of the Diode laser module?

The wattage of the diode laser module is 5W, wavelength 450 nm. 


2. Why does the Diode laser module engrave stainless steels ?

Because specific types of stainless steels have higher absorption rate for blue light with this certain wavelength, so they can be engraved.


3. What safety precautions should I take?

The diode laser module will emit strong blue light, which may damage your eyesight, please make sure to install the orange acrylic door cover before operation.

About Hardware
1. What is the size of the work area?

After installation, the working area of the diode laser module is 230mm x 200 mm.The working area of  CO2 laser will be reduced to 250mm x 200 mm.


2. Are there any consumables?

Almost no consumables. 

About Software
1. What version of the Beam Studio that we recommend for the Diode Laser module?

Beam Studio v1.7.1 and later.

2. How to start the Diode Laser in the Beam Studio?

1.Go to the top menu => Document Settings, find the Diode Laser Module and enable it, then Save.

2.Calibrate the Diode Laser Module. Go to the top menu => Machine => Your machine name => Calibrate Diode Laser Module. Finish the calibration with the following steps.
3.Select the Layer you would like to use the diode laser, and go to the Add-on section. Enable the Diode Laser.
4.Notice that your objects are in the save area. (Non-gray area)
5.Send your work to the machine after setting the Power and Speed.


3. If I don’t want to re-enable the Diode Laser everytime in Document Settings?

Please go to Preferences, find the Add-on section, and change the Diode Laser Default to “On.”


1. 二極體雷射套件會很難安裝嗎?


2. 請問產品有提供保固服務嗎?期間多長?


1. 二極體雷射套件使用的雷射規格是什麼?

二極體雷射套件使用的雷射為 5W CO2 450nm。


2. 為什麼二極體雷射套件可以直接雕刻不鏽鋼呢?



3. 雷射聽起來很危險,要特別注意什麼嗎?


1. 二極體雷射套件可進行的工作區域大小?

安裝完成後,二極體雷射套件的工作區域為 230mm x 200 mm. CO2 雷射的工作區域同時會縮小至 250mm x 200mm.


2. 有什麼耗材?


1. 使用二極套件體的建議軟體版本

建議使用 Beam Studio 1.7.1 以上的版本。

2. 如何在 Beam Studio 啟用二極體雷射?


  1. 請到上方選單找到 編輯 => 文件設定 中找到二極體雷射選項將他啟用,啟用完畢後儲存。

  2. 執行校正二極體功能,上方選單找到 機器 => 您的機器名稱 => 校正二極體雷射模組,依循步驟校正。

  3. 選定要使用二極體雕刻的圖層後,在右側面板找到擴充模組的類別,將二極體雷射勾起。

  4. 注意您的雕刻物件是否在畫布中的安全範圍(非灰色區域)。

  5. 設定完速度與功率後即可送出工作雕刻。


3. 如果不想要每次開啟 Beam Studio 都到文件設定開啟二極體?


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