Anouk Wipprecht​​ beamo laser cutter

Fashion crosses technology, engrave a whole new wave of fashion.

Fashion engineer Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht is a designer from Nederland. Even though she dresses herself up with fashionable clothes, she is more than just a fashion designer. She is also an engineer, a teacher, and a speaker. She has been dedicated more than 15 years to the question of “how to combine fashion with engineering, science, and interactive design.” So what about FLUX laser engraver? How does it help Wipprecht in the realm of Fashion Tech?


A mind reading clothes?

This project is called The Pangolin Scales Project. With laser engraving, 3D printing, and brain-computer interface, Wipprecht designs a shirt that can reflect their own emotion. The lights and the movement can have a total of 64 different combinations. Which means that a Pangolin dress can read the emotion in our brain, and express it with the blinking frequency, color, and movement. The shirt will emit a warm purple when the wearer is thinking, and spread its wing with glowing blue when detecting intense emotion. 

Acrylic + nylon? No problem!
 For a designer like Wipprecht, there is always a need to use multiple materials and it’s always a challenge when trying to combine them. In this Pangolin Dress Project, our laser engraver can easily create all the pieces with different materials. Whether it’s acrylic, leather, or cloth, our laser cutter can turn their imagination into reality in a drop of a hat. Even facing the need to change the design, FLUX’s laser engraver can help them make the pieces without any additional production cost. 
Engrave a whole new wave of fashion
“Fashion has to use everything that’s going on in modern technology” – Karl Lagerfeld

One of the unstoppable trends for the future is to combine technology with fashion, and it’s also an indicator for the sociality’s progression. The challenge for Fashion Tach is to integrate different elements from two completely different realms. With the help of Anouk Wipprecht and laser engraver, she created many innovative yet stunning designs. By integrating technology into fashion, it became the best fuel to drive innovation. 

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