Hand-made Accessories with Laser Engraver, Collecting Journey Time

Natasha Stoppel 


Natasha Stoppel is a traveling artist from Manchester, USA. After traveling for years, she has explored the world, and these adventure stories are recorded on her personal website “Artist Explores the World”. Natasha has trail-blazed a creative path into bullet journaling, videography, jewelry making and pyrography.

Traveling worldwide, Natasha’s creative inspiration comes from the whole world. The diverse and distinctive culture provides Natasha with rich creative ideas. Like the unique artistic symbols and myths from Cambodian, combined with Natasha’s unique personal style. She painted with pen and ink intertwined her feelings of mysterious totems.
Under her unique perspective, the things she saw and heard are through the emotions of life and presented by various artistic works. Every touching work, as well as the story behind it, has become the most precious treasure.

Multi-layered laser skill

Did you know that such delicate earrings are all made with a beamo? Natasha designed and made various earrings by using FLUX desktop laser cutting machine. Every earrings have incorporated her warm and handcrafted style, and they will take you into the world of Natasha.

In Natasha’s works, you can see many of them made with laser cutters. Various materials, such as wood and paper, are cut by the laser cutters, and have a multi-layered combination which makes her work activity. These sculptures actually came from the cities and villages she had been to, and she incorporated the inspiration and ideas from these travels into her creations to make incredible designs.

Inspire to explore your artistic soul


Natasha has a talented ingenuity, she is happy to communicate with creators and seeks to inspire others to explore their artistic soul and pursue creative works. “Live your best wild child life and keep things bright even when challenged with darkness.” Travel is life, life is travel. You may face some challenges sometimes, but with a positive attitude, it will be a different result.

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Watch the unboxing video from Natasha Stoppel :

Natasha Stoppel beamo Openbox:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3o5yP1ePsw&list=PLd-eSKegkqYHKvEY-usli3PAIm3mvQHVI&index=2&t=1s