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Cylindrical Engraving for Customization Products

In the past, customizing products required creating molds, leading to long production times and minimum order quantities to access customization services. Designers typically needed to go through multiple rounds of prototyping with manufacturers to achieve the desired results. For small orders, the cost could often exceed the budget due to high prices for low-volume production. However, the rapid growth of e-commerce platforms has diversified communication channels between sellers and buyers, making online custom gift businesses a popular gifting option.

With the increasing popularity of desktop laser cutters, more creators are joining the custom gift market, offering sellers more cost-effective customization solutions. Laser cutters can efficiently produce customized products by generating the desired graphic files or fonts in the engraving software, or by directly importing graphic files. This allows for easy fulfillment of customization needs without the need for outsourcing.

Although laser cutters can assist makers in customizing a variety of materials, they can only process flat materials with thickness. This poses a significant challenge for businesses needing to work with cylindrical materials. To address this need, FLUX has designed a dedicated rotary axis attachment for all desktop laser cutters, providing creators with more diverse customization options.

In 2024, FLUX introduced an upgraded second-generation rotary axis for the Beambox series and HEXA. The Rotary 2.0 not only features an upgraded design but also greatly enhances engraving length and width. Join us now to fully explore the performance of the Rotary 2.0.

Key Features of Rotary 2.0

Compared to the first-generation Rotary, the Rotary 2.0 has been optimized in both roller design and object engraving range, providing creators with greater space to expand their imagination. Additionally, the Rotary 2.0 comes equipped with a new support module. This support module can effortlessly adjust the object’s angle, enabling the engraving of conical objects such as wine glasses, champagne flutes, and baseball bats, significantly expanding the possibilities for creative projects.

Level Up with 2.0: Superior Performance

The HEXA Rotary 2.0 now supports a maximum engraving diameter of 115 mm, while the Beambox series Rotary 2.0 can reach up to 75 mm, accommodating a wider range of objects, including conical objects

Advanced Support Module

The Rotary 2.0 is equipped with an adjustable support module that accommodates conical object engraving, perfectly aligning with various angles of the object and allowing effortless adjustments. The HEXA Rotary 2.0 supports an engraving length of up to 660 mm, while the Beambox Series Rotary 2.0 can handle lengths up to 570 mm, taking creativity to the next level!

Skidproof Rubber Roller

The Rotary 2.0 features upgraded rubber rollers that significantly increase friction between the object and the rollers, ensuring stability during the engraving process. Additionally, the Rotary 2.0 is equipped with a limit bracket that allow creators to secure objects in place, preventing them from shifting during high-speed engraving.

FLUX Rotary Comparison

The Rotary 2.0 enables customization businesses to expand their product offerings by extending their services to conical and cylindrical objects. Upgrade your laser engraver with the Rotary 2.0 and bring your great designs to life!


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