Making ideas come to life.

Washington, USA
Model: beamo
Weekly Hour: Under 20 hours
Monthly Income: Under US$1000
I realized that I could use the laser to quickly cut out the fabric pieces for the stuffed animals.
I think I will describe two. The first is one of those stuffed animals I mentioned, a Jackalope, which is a mythical creature that looks like a rabbit with antlers. I design all my own sewing patterns, and the jackalope is just a very structured pattern, which is still easy to sew and turns into such an adorable stuffed animal. The beamo helps tremendously with cutting out the small pieces for the antlers, which would be very intricate and time-consuming to do by hand. The beamo can cut out a whole batch of antler pieces in no time! The second piece I am proud of is my frog ornament. It is a two-layer ornament with engraved and cut-out shiny gold acrylic backed with clear acrylic. It seems very simple, but I am very proud of the design and how beautiful and classy it looks when finished! I'm always surprised at the quality of things I'm able to create with such a small laser machine!