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20-24 SEP

Bring Any Design to Life

Meet FLUX is a one-week forum presented by a range of industry ambassadors. These online forums will showcase how FLUX Laser helped these influencers/Makers improve their working process, and simultaneously create amazing projects in front of all of you. Most importantly, they all use FLUX Laser to elevate their designs to a professional level. Still curious about FLUX machines? Join Free to acquire more knowledge than you can imagine!




At heart, I'm a maker who loves to design and create useful products. I also love entrepreneurship, building business and working with people.
Benefits of rapid prototyping &
growing a YouTube-channel
18:00 | 20 SEP

Black Beard Projects

Hi, I'm Gader and I'm from Italy. I have always been making stuff, in the last few years I started documenting my projects and my journey into making more and more stuff!
First impression of the FLUX Beambox from a complete beginner
19:00 | 20 SEP

Lightning Cosplay

Hello, we're Laura and Ralf from Lightning Cosplay. We're awardwinning professional cosplayers based in Germany. We organize workshops, judge contests and we're now working on our fifth book. Let's talk!
Laser cutters,
cosplaying and more
18:00 | 21 SEP

Epic Workshop

Hey all! I'm Moris from Epic Workshop. Pour your beer into your mugs or horns and let's do some Epic talking about woodworking!
Combining Epic Woodworking
with Art
18:00 | 22 SEP

Slice of Life

Yo! I'm Luka and I'm the director of the award-winning scifi short, "Slice of Life". Let me show you how to use a laser cutter to make some amazing miniatures.
Slice of Life -
The magic of miniatures
20:00 | 23 SEP

Willow Creative

Hi there! As a professional cosplayer, I combine advanced techniques and show you can get some truly fantastic results.
Make cosplay outfits
with a FLUX Laser Cutter
18:00 | 24 SEP
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The world’s smallest
CO2 laser cutter/engraver

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The Smart Desktop
Laser Cutter & Engraver

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Beam Air

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