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Behind the Scenes of the Movie Splashback: Miniature Creation with Beambox Pro

Meet Luka Hrgović, a key creative force behind the film Splashback, which transports audiences back to the thrilling era of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission in 1969. The film, shot in Croatia, posed an intriguing challenge to Luka and his team: How to bring to life the awe-inspiring expanse of NASA’s Cape Canaveral in Florida in an authentic way? The answer lay in their unique application of visual effects and miniature model building.

As the task to replicate the sprawling NASA facility fell upon Luka, he found an ally in the FLUX Beambox Pro laser cutter. The precision and speed of this laser cutter were utilized in constructing several intricately designed buildings and the iconic Apollo 11 rocket, right down to the impressive gantry. The Beambox Pro didn’t just aid in model-building, it revolutionized the process.

In the world of visual effects, the authenticity of a scene is greatly determined by the quality of the miniature models used. Maintaining architectural accuracy, characterized by perfect parallel lines and precise angles is absolutely essential. The FLUX Beambox Pro laser cutter provided Luka with the ability to achieve a level of precision previously impossible with manual techniques.

Luka’s creative process blossomed with the Beambox Pro. From designing buildings on his computer and prepping cutting paths in vector format to feeding these designs into the laser cutter and getting the finished parts ready within 10-15 minutes – it was akin to designing and producing his own custom model kits. He was particularly impressed by the speed, accuracy, and capacity of the laser cutter to handle a variety of materials, from 3mm birch plywood to cardboard and plexiglass, with ease.

As Splashback nears its completion, the team is eagerly gearing up for a worldwide festival run, post which the film will be made available on YouTube. They extend an open invitation to film enthusiasts to subscribe to their YouTube channel, where they will soon start rolling out weekly behind-the-scenes and making of videos. These sneak peeks will prominently showcase the FLUX Beambox Pro laser cutter in action, offering a firsthand glimpse into the process of creating captivating miniatures that bring the space age alive on the silver screen.
In the hands of visionaries like Luka and his team, FLUX Beambox Pro isn’t just a laser cutter, it’s a tool of transformation, empowering filmmakers to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. Stay tuned to the upcoming film Splashback, and witness how Luka’s team is shaping the future of filmmaking.

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