It has allowed me to broaden my catalogue from just glassware to all kinds of giftware.

Model: beamo
My business is an online gift shop, currently exclusive to Etsy.
During England’s first wave of COVID-19 the company I worked for had to make redundancies and so without warning and much notice I was made redundant. It was during a time when the vast majority of business were making redundancies and almost all recruitment was on hold. I was in such a bad place, wondering how I was going to pay my bills. I decided to start making hand etched glassware on Etsy to try and get some income. The business really took off, almost immediately! With all of the profits I had made I bought a flux beamo and have never looked back. I sell coasters, chopping boards, wooden signs and I have so much more in the pipeline. Having a Beamo has allowed me to open up my catalogue to new and amazing things. Because of my Beamo, I have not had to look for a replacement job and have instead become my own boss with so many plans for me and my Beamo!