Helping me to create the ideas I designed on my computer – Deborah

Helping Me to Create the Ideas I Designed on My Computer – Deborah


[FLUX] Deborah create toys and games for occupational therapy
Lefe, Belgium
Model : beamo
Weekly Hour : Close to 40 hours
Monthly Income : Under US$1000
I’m an occupational therapist and work with children that have problems with their fine motor skills. The idea is the create toys, games and other items to help them develop those skills. Besides that, I use my beamo to create personalised gifts, earrings, cards, and so on.
I made a game for Christmas that practices colourknowledge, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills. It was a cutout Christmas tree with pompom and 3d printed tweezer and dice. I used the game at work and the children loved it. I combined my beamo with my 3d printer.