Both machines make it possible to run my small business from my home.

New York
Model: Beambox / Beambox Pro
My business focuses on creating custom kitchenware. I love baking and entertaining guests with homemade appetizers, so this business was an opportunity to connect with other people who also enjoy being in the kitchen.
I’m most proud of starting my business during a worldwide pandemic. I never intended to start it while the world was chaotic. I was still figuring out machine settings and what to offer in my Etsy shop. I was gradually saving drafts to my Etsy shop with the intention of officially launching the business several months later. However, I accidentally pressed the “publish” button instead of “save draft” and the next day I received my first order. As for actual products, I am most proud of the cutting boards. I found beautiful marble and acacia cutting boards that I customize with a wreath design and family name. The acacia wood engraves easily.