My beamo is helping me by taking my business to a new level.

Newton, AL
Model: beamo
It's allowing me to continue to work, as I'm on disability and since the pandemic began, it is also allowing me to provide for my son, who had to move back home due to job cuts from the pandemic. My beamo (Fred) has basically saved my life so to speak.
I am a small, family-owned business, who has been crafting for years. It began as a hobby to make ends meet here and there but when became disabled and could not work a full-time job, my crafting became a means to an end. I was doing a little bit of everything, tees, tumblers, photography, etc. whatever it took. Then about the same time my health declined even more and it was harder for me to work the hours that I did, and had to drop photography all the way, due to breathing issues and could not do my sessions as needed, a friend gifted me Fred to help with my business.

In just the 5 months that I have had Fred, it has changed the face of my business dramatically. I can now stay sitting down more and let Fred do the majority of the work while I work from my computer, he has changed my income level and my business has focused mainly on laser products, which appeal to customers a lot more. Now I do everything from the woodwork, ornaments, leather products, crystal and just about anything that can be imagined, while I still continue to do some of my other work as well, but the majority of the focus is my laser! Also because of the new line of products, I have been able to add some items to businesses, that are selling well. plus go back to doing craft shows, which I dearly love!

Honestly, I don't have one masterpiece, but it's my line of watchbands that I create with Fred. They are selling like crazy, I have soooo many different ones that I've created and they're actually what gives me the most joy! I get so many compliments on them.