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The Resin Arts Business Journey with the FLUX 50W Beambox Pro

When Laser Cutter Meets Resin Arts
When it comes to setting your small business apart in a saturated market, sometimes the tools you use can make all the difference. Today, in our series of maker stories, we introduce The Flowing Garnet, an incredible resin art small business run by Amy. As a dedicated user, Amy significantly enhanced her resin art enterprise through the use of our FLUX 50W Beambox Pro laser cutter.
Amy’s journey in resin art began four years ago when she quickly developed a passion for creating ocean-themed décor. At the core of her work are functional pieces, where wood serves as the starting point, with layers of resin added to create unique items for her clients.
To fulfill her dream of leaving her day job to create these exceptional pieces full-time, Amy realized she needed to differentiate herself from both the resin and woodworking communities. This prompted an extensive search for the perfect tool to give her creations a unique edge.
3 Crucial Factors for Getting a Laser Machine
With a multitude of laser machines on the market all claiming to perform similar functions, Amy faced a challenging decision. After perusing hundreds of reviews, she chose the FLUX Beambox Pro, which stood out based on three critical factors: Price, Power, and Size.
“Spending thousands of dollars is very daunting, but I could not find a laser with the power to cut and engrave with a large bed cutting size. The Beambox Pro was the best on the market for these three factors!” Amy says. Investing in a laser cutter can be intimidating, but Beambox Pro offered unmatched value, meeting Amy’s needs within a budget-friendly range.
The Next Step, Machine Maintenance
Maintenance of the laser cutter is a concern for many users. Amy shares, “I relied heavily on reviews, discovering that maintenance on the machine is easy to do yourself. There is no need to send it back only to pay for a different and refurbished machine like some competitors require. FLUX has fantastic troubleshooting resources on their site and is very responsive if there are issues. It’s also very helpful that parts are readily available through FLUX U.S. Online Shop.”
The Beambox Pro found a perfect spot in Amy’s basement studio, circumventing any weather-related concerns in a garage setup. “Most importantly, I opened the box, put it on my stand, plugged it in and I was off on my new art journey with very little effort in less than 15 minutes! ” Amy notes.
Intrigued by Amy’s story and her resin art creations? You can explore more of her work and even acquire a piece for yourself. Visit The Flowing Garnet’s online shop to witness firsthand how the FLUX 50W Beambox Pro has transformed her business, turning everyday items into unique art pieces.
For a more personal behind-the-scenes look into Amy’s creative process, inspiration, and latest pieces, follow her on Instagram. Join her journey and be the first to see her newest creations as they come to life.