and we Bring Your Designs to Life.

FLUX Inc. was founded in Taiwan in 2014, bringing together talented individuals from diverse fields who shared a belief in the value of creativity. Our mission is to empower everyone to enjoy a friendly journey of creativity by creating trustworthy crafting tools.

We Offer Solutions For Every Creator

with beautifully designed laser cutters for every need.

FLUX brings you a throughtful, curated selection of laser cutters, meticulously crafted for artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and beyond. Discover the one that’s destined for you.

We Build For Everyone

offering user-friendly software compatible with all platforms.

Introducing Beam Studio - the free, user-friendly laser cutting software designed exclusively for FLUX Lasers. Experience the freedom to create anywhere, on any device. Whether you're working on your desktop, tablet, or mobile, Beam Studio seamlessly adapts to your platform, enabling uninterrupted creativity.

Begin your project with Beam Studio's intuitive interface and powerful built-in features. Unlock your imagination and bring your ideas to life with precision and ease.

We Are Here to Support Your Needs

because what matters to you matters to us.

Local Support
With an extensive network of over 190 partners spread across 70+ countries, you can count on us to be there whenever you need assistance.
10-years Experience
Leveraging over a decade of unparalleled expertise in the 3D printing and laser cutting industry, we are dedicated to providing top-tier solutions that exceed customer expectations.
Class 1 Safety
At FLUX, we prioritize safety above all else and consistently design laser cutters to Class 1 Safety standards, providing you with peace of mind.

We Focus on Community

inspiring you through DMKT & FLUX social groups.

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