Beam Studio 1.0.5


1. Fixed boolean operation for rounded corner rectangles.

2. Fixed cutting position drift for some imported SVG file.

3. Fixed camera preview drift after camera calibration.


1. Added Test Network in machine info page.

2. Added hint for manual camera calibration.

Beam Studio 1.0.4


1. Fixed certain DXF files can not be imported.

2. Fixed 2 point line will automatically close.


1. Add Toolbar->Edit->Image: Sharpen,Crop,Color Invert. Available when selecting single image.

2. Add Toolbar->Edit->Document Settings: Setting cutting mode for current file.

3. Add Toolbar->Machine->Test network setting: Test network connection between computer and machine.

4. Add layer color selector.

5. Rectangles, ellipses, circles, polygons and closed paths are now fillable.

6. Add cutting parameters for rubber, glass, metal black and white engraving.


1. Change material testing suite slightly.

2. Increase material testing suit cutting speed.

Beam Studio 1.0.2


1. Fixed distribution function not support for polygon and path

2. Fixed Left panel highlight


1. Camera calibration preview.

2. Right laser  panel drag.

3. Left panel tool tip

4. Toolbar debug tool

5. Added IP input to initializing interface.


1. Changed defaulted zoom

2. Changed toolbar style for windows

3. Bean Studio icon