Beam Studio 1.3.4

1. Fixed Error when quoting Beam Studio.
1. Added new resolution “Ultra High” in document setting.
1. Update imported dxf and svg files display when zooming.
2. Changed connecting settings pages.
3. Removed speed warning when engraving gradient image.

Beam Studio 1.3.2

1. Fixed stroke-width bug when importing svg files by color.
2. Fixed parameter error in Material Cutting Task – Simple.
3. Fixed selecting box error after clearing scene.
4. Fixed flipping when multi-selecting.
1. Added new method to render imported dxf and svg files, improving performance after importing.
2. Added preview limit when diode add-on is enabled, avoiding collision at right side.
3. Support dragging layers to sort layers.
4. Added select all short cut when editing text.
5. Added button to display last calibration result when doing camera calibration.
1. When default unit is inch, laser panel will displayed in inch.

Beam Studio 1.3.1

1. Export only one segment when offsetting outward.
2. Supported MacOS 10.13
3. Unexpected backend waring when starting.
4. Paste would executed twice sometimes.
5. Wrong Layer name when importing sag made by Inkscape by layer .
6. Flipping bug when importing dxf.
7. Unexpected slow speed when moving to first point of engraving.

8. Wrong focus adjusting height.

1. Support ai, pdf files.

Beam Studio 1.3.0

1. Failed to move to layers when multi-selecting
2. Unable to save layer configuration.
3. Image resolution bugs when exporting.
1. Images using layer color.
2. Copy/Paste/Cut when editing text.
3. Edit > Image > Generate Chamfer: Add chamfer to image for better effect when engraving stamps.

Beambox Firmware 3.2.1

1. Removed unexpected pause when using beamo rotary.
2. Fixed sometimes LCD panel could not be waken up.

1. Added remote support button in network page.
2. Support faster gradient engraving (with Beam Studio 1.2.2 or later).

1. Change “Trace” button to “App” button.

Beam Studio 1.2.5

1. When speed constraints for vectors applied on bitmap or infilled objects.
2. Vector path speed alert when not exporting paths.
3. Windows svg image referencing to file path would cause fail on loading.
1. Alert when Beam Studio fails to connect with backend.
1. Some translation.

Beam Studio 1.2.4

1. Unexpected firmware update error when exporting task.
1. Added new save scene format: .beam, which saves image info in scene and is able to edit images after loading.
1. Some user interfaces.