FLUX laser lasers allow designers to achieve a high level of precision and create custom designs, with software tools and accessories available for customization. These features make FLUX laser cutters a popular choice for fashion designers looking to push the boundaries of digital fabrication technology.

Explore the possibilities of texture with efficient maker tools

Engrave and Cut Through a Versatile Range of Materials

Built in HD Camera for Preview

Fits Perfectly into Your Workspace

For Fashion Designers

Crafting fashion trends from wide range of materials

FLUX lasers can liberate you from the tedious work of traditional textile production, allowing you to explore new avenues of creativity. With FLUX lasers, you can efficiently create stunning fashion items from a wide range of materials.

For Lifestyle Creator

Personalizing you style with FLUX Laser

Customize a unique lifestyle with a laser cutter to make the details more realistic. From jewelry to daily outfit, imagination becomes your creations. 

Pushing the Boundaries of Fashion

The use of FLUX Lasers in the fashion industry has been a revolutionary development, providing designers with fresh and inventive means to craft intricate and striking designs. Through laser cutting and engraving, FLUX Lasers have opened up opportunities for designers to explore novel techniques and experiment with diverse materials.
Anouk Wipprecht​​ beamo laser cutter2

Fashion crosses technology, engrave a whole new wave of fashion.

For a designer like Wipprecht, there is always a need to use multiple materials and it’s always a challenge when trying to combine them. In this Pangolin Dress Project, our laser engraver can easily create all the pieces with different materials.

WEAVISM: Create the sensation of biological customization

Through FLUX’s Beambox Pro laser cutting machine, Tony’s ideas can be turned into products immediately, which is significant to quantify in the high-speed retail industry.

Smelling Memory with Smell

With FLUX laser cutter – beamo, customers can engrave personalized text on the perfume bottle, like anniversary dates, names, or a love quote which can upgrade the customer experience by a large margin. 

Meet Our Users Worldwide

Explore the various ways in which FLUX lasers can be applied across a wide range of fashion industries, from jewellery-making to large corporations, FLUX lasers are providing users with a competitive edge by enabling them to create unique, high-quality customized products that stand out in the marketplace.

Using the FLUX 40W Beambox, Sylvia Smith designs a range of products, including earrings and wall decorations, aimed at bringing a smile to people's faces. Her designs feature lively and vibrant colors, adorable characters, and smart patterns that add a touch of joy to anyone's day.

Sylvia Draws LLC

With the help of the FLUX 50W Beambox Pro, Piece Of Cake has been able to create highly detailed costumes for various events. The precision and accuracy of the Beambox has allowed the costume designers to create intricate and delicate designs that would have been much more difficult to achieve by hand.

Piece Of Cake

Owned by Katharina, Kama Jewellery is a boutique specializing in handmade flower and acrylic jewelry. By utilizing the FLUX 50W Beambox Pro, Katharina is able to accurately and quickly cut acrylic, resulting in exquisite earrings that showcase the precision of FLUX lasers and make her jewelry stand outs.

Kama Jewellery