The Heart-Warming Journey of a Real-Life Batman with FLUX Beambox Pro

    In a time when technology often has both positive and negative impacts, it’s genuinely uplifting to see it being used to encourage and spread kindness and compassion. Among these instances, we find a unique tale unfolding in Auckland, New Zealand, where a man dons the Batman persona to bring joy and create lasting memories for children grappling with illness.

    At the heart of this story is a man named Kit Walker, whose love for superheroes propelled him into becoming a real-life Batman for kids in need of a hero. For years, Kit Walker has been creating handmade projects and gifts for children in hospitals. However, a decade ago, his passion for superheroes inspired him to don the suit of Batman, visiting children afflicted with illnesses, disabilities, and those who simply needed an emblem of hope. As Batman, Kit Walker has been a beacon of light, helping these children navigate their dark times.

    What makes Kit Walker’s endeavor even more remarkable is his use of the FLUX Beambox Pro laser cutter. With the laser cutter, he has been able to enhance his efforts by crafting personalized gifts for the kids he visits. “It helps put a smile upon their faces and it also helps in the long run as they have special custom pieces with them in times of darkness,” says Kit Walker. From superhero emblems to custom toys, each piece is unique, resonating with the individuality of each child, and becoming a constant reminder of hope during their challenging moments.


   FLUX Beambox Pro also plays a role in enhancing the Batman experience for the children Kit Walker visits. His car, decked out with laser-cut details, brings a higher degree of realism, making the children’s interaction with their beloved superhero even more magical.

    The role of FLUX lasers extends far beyond industrial and manufacturing applications. Kit Walker’s inspirational story highlights how these lasers can be a powerful tool in changing lives, generating joy, and kindling hope. His tale underlines the indomitable spirit of humanity and our inherent capacity to illuminate the darkest of circumstances with love, creativity, and appropriate resources. Check out Kit Walker’s online page to see more of his amazing work. Following in Kit Walker’s footsteps, we too can create, inspire, and contribute to our community. After all, the power to make a difference lies in our hands. With tools like the FLUX Beambox Pro, the possibilities are truly endless

    The reason for Kit Walker’s choice of  FLUX Beambox Pro is simple yet compelling. When he started looking for laser machines in New Zealand, he wanted to purchase from a local provider who could help when needed. “I wanted somewhere local I could buy it from that could provide assistance should I run into problems, enter Mindkits after looking at their online feedback, I knew FLUX was the way to go and I was right their expertise has been invaluable without their help at the start and till this day I wouldn’t be as far along as I am now with my creations,” says Kit Walker.


The positive online feedback and reviews of FLUX’s local reseller convinced Kit Walker that the Beambox Pro was the right choice, and his journey so far validates that decision. Every day brings new ideas for Kit Walker, as the Beambox Pro’s potential for creation seems boundless, making the future incredibly exciting. Each project fuels his creativity and strengthens his resolve to be the Batman these children need, instilling in them the bravery to face their challenges.

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