Maker Stories | 3 Designer Stories on Leather Crafting

Give your accessories a touch of individuality by creating personalized leather bags, coin purses, or other lifestyle accessories on your own. Now with FLUX’s laser cutter, you can easily create DIY projects on a wide range of materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, glass, slate, and stainless steel. Here we’d like to introduce to you three designer stories that use FLUX laser cutters to create stunning leather accessories.

TaiYangLeather Studio 

Customized Handmade Leather Accessories that Last

Taiyangleather Studio is a small creative shop located in Taichung, Taiwan. Tired of wallets that do not last, Taiyangleather Studio’s founder was inspired to create handmade leather wallets that are durable and practical. 


Its logo is a deer, symbolizing happiness and longevity, which expresses the maker’s wish to provide customers with durable leather goods that bring them joy. The emphasized antlers on the deer further express the maker’s desire for the brand to be inspiring and intelligent. 

Well tested for practicality and durability, Taiyangleather Studio offers a wide range of leather products, such as coin purses, small wallets, long wallets, and business card clips. They also accept personalized product customizations on request.


FLUX’s 50W Beambox Pro plays a big part in the cutting and engraving process of Taiyangleather Studio’s handmade products. Beambox Pro was able to assist them in speeding up the production process with more versatile designs. 


Award-Winning Lifestyle Boutique 

Mr. sheep offers a variety of lifestyle products and accessories that are cut and sculpted by FLUX’s 50W Beambox Pro. Recently they introduced leather products, such as the luggage tags in the picture below.


Apart from these unique accessories, Mr. sheep is also a professional design house that offers consulting services in both interior and product design. Its founder, Yi-De Yang, received various awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, Silver A’ Design Award, and the Interior lifestyle Tokyo Award. 


Spreading the Joy Creation with Leather Crafting Class 

LEPAU is another small handmade leather product boutique in Taiwan. Virna, the founder, was a 9-to-5 office worker. She discovered her true passion after recovering from a medical condition. During her recovery, she read a book called “Starting A Business with Love,” which talks about the founder of Motherhouse fights against all hardships to create a social enterprise that gives back to the unprivileged. Inspired by the story, Virna resigned from her previous occupation and threw herself into the world of creation.


She named the studio “LEPAU,” which represents the founder’s passion for leather creation. 

To spread the joy of leather creation, she also held leather crafting classes to inspire others and encourage them to discover their true passion. 


The above picture is a leather-bound notebook made in one of LEPAU’s classes. FLUX’s laser cutter beamo helps to cut the paper with the designed totem, thus simplified the handmaking process. FLUX’s laser cutter gives makers the advantage to produce prototypes easily, saving more time for more creative ideas. 

I hope these three stories would provide some good inspirations for your creative leather making! If you have some thoughts which would like to share with us, please let us know. We’d love to hear about your creating stores!


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How To Acquire Laser Engraving Inspirations?

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New To Laser Engraving


photo credit to Miko Mor                              photo credit to Heinz Maeder

2. Pinterest


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Learn more on beamo, the world’s smallest CO2 laser cutter/engraver.

Beam Studio 1.1.9

1. Fixed parameter would not be copied when copy layers.
2. Fixed imported dxf file could not be moved.
3. Fixed some redo related bugs.
1. Vertical text tab switch.
2. Toolbar > Edit > Redo: Redo undone changes.
3. Preference > Modules: Setting modules

A Simple Way to Create Object Outline with Beam Studio’s “Offset” Feature

Beam Studio’s new “Offset” feature can help makers quickly add layering effects to their designs.

To create customized handcrafts in any shape is now as easy as ever. I’ll demonstrate this in a few steps below. 

First, make sure you have the latest v1.1.8 version of Beam Studio. If not, Download Here

Then, prepare your image file. The image format needs to be turned into SVG or DXF files. You may choose a free SVG file from this site or draw your own object with Adobe Illustrator. 

Now you’re all set for the step-by-step tutorial! 


Step 1: Open Beam Studio and click the image icon to import the image. 


You may rename Layer 1 as “Engraving” for easy editing.

Once the image is imported, you’ll be asked to select a layering style. Here I will select “Layer/Color,” to give my object a more 3D look.

After selecting the layering style, you’d see the object in black. 

Please note that if you choose “Layer/Color” as I do, your object will be in black like mine, but if you choose “Single Layer,” your object will be in white as its shown below on the right.


Step 2: Drag to select the image on the engraving layer and click “Ungroup”


Step 3: Create another layer, rename it as “Cutting” and move the layer down. 


Step 4: On the cutting layer, drag your mouse to select the whole object (do no just click on the image).


Step 5: Now activate the “Offset” function by clicking “Edit” > “Path” > “Offset.” 


Step 6: Adjust the desirable “Offset Direction”, “Corner”, and “Offset Distance”, then click “Confirm” to create the object outline. 


Step 7: The “Offset” function now forms the outline that you can set for cutting.


Step 8: Make sure the image is on the correct layer.

You may click the eye off to make sure the image is on the correct layer. 

When clicking the eye off in the engraving layer, the image remains onscreen is in the cutting layer. 

When clicking the eye off on the cutting layer, the image remains onscreen is in the engraving layer. 


Step 9: Select the optimal parameters for each layer 

Engraving layer: Wood – Monochromic Engraving (Power 30%, Speed 180mm/s). 

Cutting layer: Wood – 3mm Cutting (Power 55%, Speed 5mm/s) 


Step 10: Put your selected wood board in the machine and click “Export” at the upper right corner to start cutting & engraving. Your work should be ready in 3 minutes!


Now we are ready for the finished product! 

When activating the “Offset” feature, if you choose “Layer/Color” as I do, your result should have the same effect as my airplane on the right below. But, if you choose “Single Layer” instead, your result will look like the airplane on the left.


We invite FLUXers to join our Facebook community and share your works with us! You will also find inspiration from other members.

Learn more on Beambox, the most intuitive professional laser cutter/ engraver. 

Learn more on beamo, the world’s smallest CO2 laser cutter/engraver.