Take your architectural designs to the next level with FLUX Laser Cutter - your trusted partner in creating intricate miniatures and high-quality architecture samples that bring your vision to life.

Massive Working Area Speeds up Project Completion

High Speed Engraving

Compatible with Various Professional Design Tools

Intuitive touch panel offering excellent project control

For Miniature Creator Fulfilling miniature kit making needs

FLUX lasers enable swift and precise cutting of intricate miniature pieces from various materials, saving valuable time in the production process.

For Interior Design Built for creating precise details

With the built-in camera, creators can preview their designs in the work area, ensuring perfect alignment and accuracy.

FLUX Lasers have been widely used in model-making around the world.

At the heart of our products and services is a commitment to nurture the creative potential of miniatures and model making, which we take great pride in.

Behind the Scenes of Movie Splashback: Miniature Creation with Beambox Pro

Explore the movie Splashback's realistic miniature set made with FLUX Beambox Pro. Learn more about Luka's innovative use of laser cutters.

Incredible Miniature Architectural Model Creation

Eagle Model Studio, dedicates to producing high-quality miniature architectural models, incorporates the use of FLUX Beambox (40W) into the model-making process of all their delicate designs. 

Build the Miniature World by Laser

With the beamo laser cutter, Towan made a 1:87 Iron Bridge. Compared to the laser cutter he used before, the camera alignment function of beamo can help Towan place his design more precisely and accurately.

Meet Our Users Worldwide

FLUX lasers offer a competitive edge, enabling the creation of unique, high-quality, customized products across various industries, from small businesses to large corporations.
Mini Furniture / Miniature
By utilizing the FLUX 30W beamo, DabbleDibs is able to efficiently create exquisite miniatures and offer collections and kits to customers, giving them a competitive edge in the market.
Film Props
For Slice of Life, creating precise miniatures for film props is crucial for on-camera realism. Using the FLUX 50W Beambox Pro laser cutter streamlines the process, providing extreme precision and speed for efficient model building.
Automata Models
Designer and creator Ross McSweeney, who used traditional hand tools for crafting moving sculptures, transitioned to laser cutting with FLUX 50W Beambox Pro. Limited free time prompted the switch, saving him hours and turning his hobby into a fun and exciting side business.
With the support of the FLUX 60W HEXA, Rosa, from Simply Living Mini Designs, is empowered to produce miniatures at a large scale. The expansive working area of the FLUX HEXA enables Rosa to efficiently complete even the largest projects within a short timeframe.


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