Art & Craft

Unlock your creative potential with FLUX Lasers - the ultimate tool for transforming your lifestyle through jewelry making, paper crafting and more creations for you to explore.

A Full Upgrade of Your Crafting Experiences

Create precise designs in a variety of materials

Customize unique design with ease

Speed up your production process and reduce waste

Accommodate Different Types of Materials

FLUX lasers work with various materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and paper, allowing precise cutting and engraving for unique art, home decor, and functional products.

Waste Less Materials

FLUX laser cutters feature a camera preview for accurate artwork positioning, reducing material waste and enabling efficient cutting and engraving.

Discover the Applications of FLUX Lasers

Artworks that stand vividly on the paper

Half-Goatee uses a 30W beamo laser cutter for product prototyping, significantly shortening the development time. Their thin insect collection features insect wings anchored to old iron windows, showcasing the precision of FLUX beamo's paper cutting capabilities while evoking childhood nostalgia.

Showcase Your Idea in Paper Crafts

Wuba Yang ingeniously utilizes laser cutting in the art of paper-cutting, combining highly manual paper-cutting skills with modern digital technology. After having Beambox in the studio, it is much more intuitive to adjust the operation to meet their needs, making the work more delicate.

When Rock n Roll meets laser engraving

New Noise, a brand founded by two sisters from The Red House in Ximending, specializes in guitar picks and music-themed designs. They use FLUX laser cutters to create their products, including handcrafted wooden furnishings for their shop, with the help of the beamo laser engraver.

What Can You Make?

Meet Our Users Worldwide

FLUX lasers offer a competitive edge, enabling the creation of unique, high-quality, customized products across various industries, from small businesses to large corporations.
Customized Decor
Studio Blake customize business boards, name tags, and wall decorations for our customers with the use of 50W Beambox Pro.
Cake Topper
HerzWerkBoutique sells customized cake toppers and baby moon gifts made from wood, acrylic, and other materials using FLUX 50W Beambox Pro.
Resin Earrings
FunkyFunYou uses FLUX 50W Beambox Pro to create finely crafted acrylic pieces for their handmade earrings, ensuring precision and efficiency in their production process.
Themed Clock
The Flowing Garnet create various sea vibe clocks and house decoration by using FLUX 50W Beambox Pro.


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