Bring your business ideas to life with the precision and versatility of FLUX Lasers - your reliable partner in customized product and mass production.

Business growth made possible with FLUX Lasers

Streamlined mass production for efficient output

Expand your product line with versatile cutting options

High-quality products with flawless engraving capabilities

For Customized Business

FLUX lasers enable you to provide personalized products that cater to your customer’s individual requirements and preferences.
This can help differentiate you from other businesses in the crafting industry and enhance customer loyalty.

For Mass Production Business

Utilizing FLUX lasers enables you to accomplish intricate cutting tasks in significantly less time than traditional methods. This capability can aid in improving your production capacity, decreasing lead times, and achieving faster order fulfillment.

FLUX Lasers are utilized by numerous business owners globally

There are lots of business owners worldwide who have leveraged FLUX Lasers to enhance their production capabilities and offer high-quality custom products to their customers worldwide.

WEAVISM: Create the sensation of biological customization

WEAVISM has launched the latest biological customization series by using Beambox Pro, transforming “voiceprint” and “fingerprint” with personal identification images into graphics before engraving on the leather badge.

Pilotfish and FLUX Bring More Creative Ideas to Life

Pilotfish partnered with FLUX and the brand’s laser cutter Beambox Pro as an excellent digital crafting tool for the development process.

Transform Design:Realize Your Unique Potential

By introducing FLUX beamo laser cutter, Leo found that it was easier to realize the ideas in mind before pattern-making, and repeatedly adjust the final projects until the perfect one. 

Meet Our Users Worldwide

Explore the various ways in which FLUX lasers can be applied across a wide range of industries, from small business owners to large corporations, FLUX lasers are providing users with a competitive edge by enabling them to create unique, high-quality customized products that stand out in the marketplace.
Customized Decor

Studio Blake customize business boards, name tags, and wall decorations for our customers with the use of 50W Beambox Pro.

Studio Blake
Cake Topper

HerzWerkBoutique sells customized cake toppers and baby moon gifts made from wood, acrylic, and other materials using FLUX 50W Beambox Pro.

Resin Earrings

FunkyFunYou uses FLUX 50W Beambox Pro to create finely crafted acrylic pieces for their handmade earrings, ensuring precision and efficiency in their production process.

Themed Clock

The Flowing Garnet create various sea vibe clocks and house decoration by using FLUX 50W Beambox Pro.

The Flowing Garnet