STEM Education

Empower your students to create, innovate and explore the world of digital fabrication with FLUX Lasers - where imagination meets precision.

How FLUX Laser Cutters can be a part of your classes

Portable Desktop Machine

Safe for Home and School

User Friendly Experience

For Teachers

Customized Teaching Materials​

Design different courses and assignments based on students’ interests and needs, allowing students to showcase their strengths in different fields.

For Students

Improve Practical Skills

By using the FLUX Laser machine, every unique idea can be unleashed in class. Students can enjoy the process of design, testing, production, and problem-solving.

FLUX Lasers have been used in many STEM classrooms worldwide

FLUX has been actively involved in the education field since 2014. We take pride in nurturing the creative potential of every child through our products and services.

The Vital Role of Laser Cutters In Modern Education

At Rudolf Steiner College, FLUX Beambox play a pivotal role, empowering students to develop cognitive skills alongside their creative journeys.

Julia's #STEMing up Learning

Recently, educator Ms. Julia Dweck discovered an engaging approach to introduce her third-grade students to the fundamentals of engineering using the FLUX 30W beamo.

Dream It, Design It STEM Event for Grade Schools | Fluxspace

Students could get hands-on experience operating a laser cutter and enjoy a creative handcrafted experience with beamo.
MUYU Design 1

Convey the Texture of Wood into Personalized Hand-made Projects.

Muyu Design offers a variety of handicraft courses, all of which are taught in small classes. Students can learn painting, woodworking lathes, wood carvings, and pyrography.

Find inspirations for your classroom on Design Market

Design Market contains a number of STEM kits and teaching material laser files to provide more intuitive and aesthetic teaching ideas to inspire children’s creativity.
Automata Teaching

Automata Teaching

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3d Stegosaurus

Good Idea Studio
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Good Idea Studio