Creativity Without Boundaries

FLUX currently has more than 10,000 happy users worldwide. We aim to provide the best tools to help creators create more efficiently with a smoother hand-crafting experience.

Be it starting a small business, improving the existing design process, or making crafts with memories, FLUX is your friend along the creative journey.


Bring your business ideas to life with the precision and versatility of FLUX Lasers - your reliable partner in customized product and mass production.
Unlock your creative potential with FLUX Lasers - the ultimate tool for transforming your lifestyle through jewelry making, paper crafting and more creations for you to explore.
Take your architectural designs to the next level with FLUX Laser Cutter - your trusted partner in creating intricate miniatures and high-quality architecture samples that bring your vision to life.
FLUX lasers allow designers to achieve a high level of precision and create custom designs, with software tools and accessories available for customization. These features make FLUX laser cutters a popular choice for fashion designers looking to push the boundaries of digital fabrication technology.

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